Add outdoor magic with artificial flowers

Add outdoor magic with artificial flowers

Colourful artificial floral garlands and wreaths have become an increasingly popular way to enhance outdoor spaces. They offer a versatile and really low-maintenance alternative to using real plants. Artificial flowers can provide year-round beauty without any of the demands of watering, pruning, or dealing with seasonal changes. Whether for the family home, shop and restaurant fronts, or for special events, here are some clever ways to utilise artificial floral garlands to create eye-catching, stunning and vibrant outdoor spaces.

In the family garden

One of the primary benefits of choosing gorgeous artificial flowers is their ability to look perfect all year through. For family homes, this means no more waiting for spring or summer to enjoy colours in your garden and no need for maintenance to keep the flowers in good health. Colourful artificial floral garlands work really well when attached along garden fences and archways and used as edging around patio areas and as table decorations for al fresco dining.


Choose top quality floral garlands for your garden as they will be durable and their colours will not fade. Floral garlands feature a mixture of vibrant flowers and lush greenery and can be divided into sections to use to fill hanging baskets and window boxes that will add great pavement appeal to the front of your home.


Gorgeous floral garlands add magic to any outside area and can transform the tiniest of gardens as well as patios and balconies. Limited space can be maximised by creating vertical gardens using artificial floral garlands. Simply attach a number of garlands vertically so that they create a living wall. It has been proven that artificial flowers generate the same positive feelings of peace and tranquillity as real flowers.


A big plus is that busy families often struggle to maintain a real garden – especially if the soil or the location of their garden is far from ideal. Artificial floral garlands eliminate the need for any regular upkeep and can also work really well when used to complement live plants and trees.

Shop and Restaurant Fronts

First impressions really count for businesses and a colourful, well-decorated shop front can really attract more customers. Use artificial floral arrangements to create interest by surrounding the shop windows with floral garlands to encourage passers-by to look in them and by hanging a welcoming floral wreath on the entrance door.


To develop your company’s branding, you can use artificial flowers in your brand’s colour scheme. This will both create a more streamlined and cohesive look and will quietly reinforce your brand identity.


Artificial floral garlands are quick and easy to install and this means that they can be easily be regularly swapped to mirror the changing seasons or different themes. Summer colours and rich autumnal shades may a surprising difference as well as garlands with red motifs for St Valentine’s Day and the addition of pine cones, candy canes and miniature stockings for Christmas.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Many restaurants, pubs and coffee shops have outdoor seating areas and it is really important to make them look enticing. Beautiful artificial floral garlands can really help to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere and garlands of vibrant coloured bougainvillea – for example- soon get everyone in the party mood.

The floral garlands can be used to line walkways, decorate railings or fencing, adorn tables or to decorate privacy screens between tables. The durability of the artificial floral garlands ensures they can withstand outdoor conditions and maintain their pristine appearance – whatever the weather!

Summer weddings and other family celebrations

Summer is the most popular season for weddings and an increasing number of brides are choosing artificial flowers because they keep their good looks throughout the day and they can be matched to any colour scheme. Favourite flowers such as cherry blossom are available all year through and the price of artificial flowers does not alter as they are not seasonal and are always available.

Vibrant floral garlands can be used to decorate pathways, archways and chairs for the bridal couple. The Reception area can be transformed with bursts of colour provided by floral garlands draped along buffet tables and occasional tables, entwined in banisters and attached across the ceiling or in the top corners of the room or marquee.

As well as weddings, gorgeous artificial floral garlands make the perfect addition to the décor for any outside family celebration including Christenings, birthdays and milestone anniversaries. The big advantage with choosing artificial floral garlands is that they can be bought well in advance to help ease the budget and can be made in your chosen colour scheme.

Corporate Events

For outdoor corporate events, artificial floral garlands can enhance the decor without the worry of the flowers wilting or dropping. Floral garlands can be used to decorate stages and photo backdrops, as well as dining and meeting areas. The floral garlands can be customised to match corporate branding colours and relevant motifs can be incorporated in them to add a professional and polished look.

Festivals and Outdoor Markets:

It can be challenging to transform a temporary space into a beautiful and welcoming environment for an outdoor festival or market.  Artificial floral garlands can successfully transform all types of temporary space and help to create a festive and cheerful atmosphere.

Definitely the eco-friendly choice

As more and more people become environmentally-conscious, artificial flowers are increasing in popularity as they are the sustainable choice. Many artificial flowers are sustainably made, are long-lasting and durable and can be reused for multiple events. They reduce the need for fresh flowers that require constant maintenance and replacement and often have a higher environmental footprint as they have to be transported long distances and pesticides are used in their cultivation.


Artificial floral gardens offer many creative and practical benefits for various outdoor spaces both for special events as well as enhancing the look of businesses and family homes. Artificial flowers look good and stay looking good all year round – whatever the season- and as they are easy to install they make creating beautiful outdoor spaces fun.