Add vibrancy and allure to your window shop front

Add vibrancy and allure to your window shop front

Developing the allure of your shop with effortless elegance – both indoors and out – has never been easier! Welcome to the wonderland of beautiful floral garlands, that are amazingly life-like and ready to cast their enchanting spell. BloomsArt has a stunning array of floral and mixed greenery pre-assembled garlands that will speedily transform any space so that it will capture attention and leaving a lasting impression….

Injecting a new vibrancy into your shop has never been easier. BloomsArt floral garlands are created from a unique poly-silk fabric employing real touch technology. The garlands boast breathtakingly realistic flowers that are harmoniously entwined with lush faux greenery. BloomsArt are a market leader and the company’s garlands will effortlessly elevate your space, instantly introducing a luxurious and welcoming feeling. The flexible garlands are durable and 100% wind and waterproof so can be effectively used in a variety of ways.

Here are ten ingenious ways to add magic to your shop:

1. Adorn the shop facade:

Drape several stunning floral garlands across the front of your shop, turning its mundane exterior into a captivating fashion statement. Whether the backdrop for the garlands will be pristine white or natural wood or a contrasting dark shade of navy, burgundy, or forest green paintwork, the colourful garlands will exude drama. For added allure after dark, consider weaving delicate LED fairy lights into the garlands as this will boost your shop’s pavement appeal.

2. Enclose the shop entrance:

The sheer beauty of the exquisite flowers in the floral garlands or the leaves of a greenery garland extends a warm welcome to customers as they step through the doorway. A touch of floral elegance helps set the tone, creating an inviting atmosphere that will resonate with your clientele.

3. Frame the shop window:

Transform your shop window by framing it with floral garlands. This will not only amplify its appeal but will entice passers-by to linger and indulge in some window shopping. Whether your merchandise is jewellery, baby clothes, high-end fashion, or luggage, enhancing the window display is the perfect way to spark curiosity.

4. Revitalise brick walls or railings:

Unleash the transforming power of vibrant floral garlands on a plain brick wall adjacent to your shop. Give the wall a fresh coat of white paint and then fix the floral garlands along the top. The results are nothing short of stunning! Similarly, new life can be given to an old wrought-iron railing. Give the railing a coat of black gloss paint and then drape a resplendent floral garland along the top and secure.

5. Add sophistication to bland walls:

Swiftly turn a characterless wall in your shop into a vibrant focal point by suspending a colourful floral garland vertically from top to bottom or along the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. The result is not only impressive but also adds a touch of luxury to the interior. If your company has specific branding colours, incorporating a floral garland in these shades enhances the impact.

6. Highlight certain features in your shop:

Any architectural features such as pillars, fireplaces and staircases can be given added impact by the addition of a beautiful garland or two! Garlands can be draped along mantelpieces or swirled around pillars and will add a sense of grandeur to staircases – whether they are in use or not. If your shop has a beamed ceiling, a sumptuous garland or two will add interest and style. All these ideas will help to elevate your brand and captivate your customers.

7. Adorn the mirrors:

If you use large mirrors in your shop, add some allure by framing them with a magical floral or greenery garland. This will definitely give your customers a special feeling when they gaze at themselves in a mirror adorned with gorgeous flowers. Whether they are shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories or jewellery, this touch of floral elegance will add a positive dimension to their shopping experience.

8. Infuse floral femininity into hair or beauty salons:

Create a haven of pampering in your hair salon, nail bar, or beauty treatment space by emphasising that it offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A quick method is to adorn the top of the walls above mirrors with stunning BloomsArt floral garlands in feminine hues. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also reinforces the message that your clients are in for a very special and indulgent experience.

9. Inject the magic of fresh plants into your shop:

Everyone loves to see healthy plants thriving but keeping them in pristine condition can be tricky when there is always so much to do. A beautiful floral garland such as cherry blossom or bougainvillea can be attached vertically to a wall inside or out and the lower end of the garland placed in a large decorative planter to give the illusion that it is real – you will notice numerous customers feeling the leaves to check!

10. Add a burst of colour indoors or outdoors:

While draping a floral garland along the entire length of a wall or shop window might not be your style, these versatile garlands can be used as colourful accents in smaller areas. The garlands are flexible and easy to shape making them perfect for creating vibrant highlights in specific spots, inside or outside your shop. The garlands can be shaped to brighten any dull corner or bare shelf top and infuse charm into your retail space.

11. BloomsArt floral garlands are so easy to use:

You will be delighted to learn that the pre-assembled garlands are so easy to use. They
can be ordered online and will be speedily delivered to you. The garlands come with full
installation instructions and an informative video.

cheery blossom display for beauty salon

If you love the idea of adding some floral garlands to your shop but are unsure how to, why
not email us with a couple of photos of the space you would love to transform -plus the
dimensions – and we will give you some great ideas, based on our experience.