Artificial floral arches – a versatile decor solution

Artificial floral arches – for versatile décor ideas

Beautiful floral arches are a perennial favourite for adding sophistication and elegance to décor for a variety of occasions including weddings, birthday celebrations and corporate events. Floral arches add a feeling of luxury and enchantment and are perfect for memorable Instagram selfies. Natural floral arches do have their limitations including cost and availability, but importantly are also highly perishable. Artificial floral arches with stunning flowers and greenery created using real touch technology are the ideal alternative as they offer lasting and versatile alternative for your event.

Bringing elegance to weddings


Artificial floral arches are a popular choice as they can be customised to match the colours and theme of the wedding- this flexibility isn’t available when using real flowers as the flowers available vary from one season to the next.

Most weddings are on a budget and gorgeous artificial floral arches can be much more cost-effective than a real floral arch. Choosing artificial flowers is truly advantageous as the archways will look absolutely perfect from start to finish, with no chance of flowers or foliage drooping and wilting in the sunshine or a warm room.

Faux floral archways – ideal for all celebrations


Incorporating a floral archway in your party décor is a quick and clever way to develop the theme and create a captivating atmosphere. Start with the most appropriate flowers for your archway – for example, magenta bougainvillea is the ideal choice for a holiday theme, whereas cherry blossom introduces a charming oriental charm. If you want to use your own blooms, the perfect base for these is an archway created with artificial mixed greenery.

Colourful ribbons, faux butterflies, seashells and LED fairy lights are just some of the decorations that can be attached to the archway using hot glue or florists’ wire.

A real bonus for choosing an archway made with artificial flowers and foliage is that it can be organised and customised well in advance- eliminating the pressure for last minute flower arranging and freeing your time to deal with other aspects as host or hostess.

Perfect for corporate events


Developing the company’s branding is always important at corporate events and a quick and easy way to help develop this is with an artificial archway that has been customised with the addition of the company’s logo and colours amongst the flowers and foliage. Alternatively, if you have a business that is associated with nature, organic products or is a spa or sports centre, a lush mixed greenery archway will help deliver the right message.

Not only can the archway be customised well before the event – making it easier for organisers- the archway will remain in pristine condition throughout the event. Using an arch to develop the company’s branding too will prove very effective as many colleagues will want to take a memorable photo with the arch as the ideal frame.

How can I use an artificial arch effectively?

Choose top quality materials

The perfect starting point for floral garlands is our website which has a collection of stunning floral garlands that suit all occasions. These include vibrant bougainvillea in magenta, red, white and soft rose and cherry blossom in pink or Champagne colours. These realistic garlands are made from special poly-silk fabric and are complemented perfectly by lush and detailed faux leaves. The garlands are durable and 100% rain and windproof and so are suitable for using indoors and out. The garlands can be ordered online and will be dispatched – in special protective boxes- the following day.

Each floral garland measures one metre in length and is easy to attach to metal, cane and wooden archways using cable ties or florists’ wire. A quick measurement of your arch will determine how many floral garlands will be needed. The lifelike appearance of the finished floral arch will definitely impress your guests

Consider the venue

It is important to spend some time considering the size and layout of the venue when selecting the size and style of the arch. For example, a grand ballroom will need a larger more extravagant archway than a cosy garden setting.

And the placement of the archway

The floral arch is definitely going to be a focal point and a place where people linger. To maximise its impact, it is important to consider where best the arch could be placed. The archway could be placed to frame the entrance or placed in the ceremony space. It is best however, if it is not placed in a place that will obstruct the flow of people.

Coordinate the arch with other decorations

To attain a cohesive look with your chosen décor, ensure that the colours that you use for your arch harmonise with table centrepieces and table runners, plus aisle and chair decorations. The carefully colour- crafted results will look both elegant and professional.

Beautiful artificial floral arches are popular because they are versatile, durable and aesthetically appealing.  Artificial floral arches also provide a practical and cost -effective alternative to using fresh flowers, whilst still delivering the same visual impact. Floral archways have great potential that can be easily harnessed by organisers of all types of events to introduce a memorable ‘wow’ factor for all guests/ participants.