Artificial flowers for the perfect wedding ambiance

Artificial flowers for the perfect wedding ambiance

Gorgeous flowers are one of the most important wedding decorations as they add natural beauty, colour and character to the day. Flowers are used for everything from floral arches and seating trims at the ceremony to gorgeous table decorations at the Reception. There are many benefits in choosing artificial flowers as you can choose any flowers in any colour scheme you would like and they will remain looking pristine throughout  and they are also the cost-effective option.


Artificial flowers are becoming increasingly popular for creating the perfect ambiance and ‘wow factor for all types of wedding celebration…

Modern artificial flowers are so life-like

There is an amazing selection of artificial flowers available today. Market leaders BloomsArt use flowers that have been beautifully crafted by hand. Each stunning flower is created from a special poly-silk fabric using long standing traditions coupled with real touch technology that have been developed in eastern Asia. The result is a flower that is both breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly life-like as there is always great attention to detail. Likewise a rich variety of greenery is crafted with the same precision, using realistic colours and textures that are enhanced by fine details such as veining and variation in tones. The results are amazingly good and both the flowers and leaves look so realistic that it is not unusual to see them being touched to check whether they are real!

Fake flowers are durable

Using lots of fresh flowers to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding day can be stressful because although they look absolutely perfect when they are first arranged, this may not be the case later in the day. Fresh flowers need careful attention to keep them looking good until the final dance at the wedding reception. If the weather is warm and sunny, fresh flowers can quickly wilt or drop their petals and will need regular attention to ensure that they are kept moist. Likewise, windy weather can play havoc with floral displays made from real flowers and greenery as can any unexpected showers of rain.


In complete contrast, artificial floral arrangements retain their good looks all day through. The flowers and leaves are durable, do not fade in the sun and nor do they damage in wind and rain. Fake floral arrangements can be used to create a luxurious and welcoming ambiance for wedding guests without causing any concerns behind the scenes.  

It is easy to be creative with artificial flowers

In the run up to the wedding day, life can get pretty hectic and the days will not seem long enough. Artificial flowers make it easy to be creative and achieve the perfect ambiance for your wedding. Artificial floral garlands, wreaths and arrangements are all fully assembled and easy to work with and install in your chosen locations.


Even if you are not particularly artistic, you will be able to easily use your chosen artificial flowers to transform any given space – indoors or out.


Indoors, colourful floral garlands can be attached where the walls meet the ceiling to remove the blandness of  blank walls and ceiling and this will help create a more intimate atmosphere. This idea works well in rooms, marquees and gazebos. Leafy garlands of lush greenery hung from the ceiling creates  a whimpsy and almost magical feeling, whilst other garlands can be used to drape along tables, entwine in balustrades and to decorate bar areas – all with great success.


If your wedding celebrations will be in an outdoor space, attaching colourful floral garlands along fences and railings and using them to edge pathways will really help to add character to your space. The garlands also look lovely and add a burst of colour on archways and pergolas or when used to fill planters and window boxes.


Artificial flowers are cost effective and have other bonuses….

Many brides have a colour scheme for their wedding or want to be surrounded by certain flowers for sentimental reasons. Many fresh flowers are seasonal and trying to get them at certain times of the year can prove either costly – or impossible. Artificial flowers can be chosen in any colour scheme and all the popular real flowers including roses, jasmine, bougainvillea and peonies are available all year round. When making a cost commparison between real and fake flowers, you will be surprised and delighted by the result as artificial flowers will definitely prove more economical for all the reasons given, plus they can be bought well in advance to spread the financial load and they make really lovely keepsake gifts to family members and close friends after your wedding day.


If you or some of your guests suffer from plant allergies, artificial flowers are the ideal solution as they look so realistic but do not have the allergens that could trigger any allergic reactions.


Choosing the environmentally friendly option for your wedding flowers is also important. Most of the top quality artificial flowers are crafted using sustainable materials and their transportation costs are much lower than those for many fresh flowers that have to be air freighted. Artificial flowers can also be stored like the top tier of your wedding cake to use for a future Christening or other famly celebration.


At the end of the day, choosing stunning artificial flowers for your wedding is more than just a practical decision—it’s actually making a creative statement. With their stunning realism, endless variety, and worry-free durability, gorgeous artificial blooms bring an effortless elegance and ambiance to your special day. Say goodbye to wilting flowers and falling petals and instead a big ‘hello’ to  the carefree and everlasting beauty you can have with artificial flowers. With the minimal amount of time, you can create a wedding ambiance that’s not only picture-perfect, but also timelessly enchanting – knowing that the flowers will stay as vibrant as the memories made on your wedding day….