Artificial greenery garlands with citrus splendour

Artificial greenery garlands with citrus splendour for Mediterranean-inspired Décor

Capture the magic of a Mediterranean village, the air filled with the scent of citrus groves and the vibrant hues of the ripe oranges and lemons contrasting against the deep green foliage of the citrus trees. Such a sight evokes happy holiday memories, the relaxed laid back luxury of coastal living and of course, of the film Mamma Mia!

Artificial flowers and greenery of all shapes and sizes are currently in great demand. Garlands of lush greenery adorned with life-like lemons or oranges are proving a great success as they instantly infuse spaces with a sense of warmth and cheer plus the colourful ambiance of the Mediterranean.

These vibrant garlands have soared in popularity, captivating hearts with their  whimsical charm and effortless elegance. The garlands are so quick and easy to install and are very versatile too. Their verdant foliage creates a lush backdrop for the amazingly realistic faux lemons and oranges and together they elevate any setting with their natural-looking beauty.  

Lush greenery garlands are the ideal addition in restaurants serving Mediterranean-style dishes, bars and hotel receptions. They can be cleverly used in windows displaying summer fashions and in travel agencies to tempt customers to head to the Mediterranean. The fun of using these artificial greenery garlands with their citrus fruits lies in their ability to evoke a sense of escape – transporting all those who see them to sunnier climes and carefree, leisurely moments.

One of the most appealing aspects of using these garlands is that they are very versatile. Outside the premises, they can be fixed around door frames or above windows as they are both durable and rainproof. Inside, they can be added to window displays, draped along a mantelpiece, woven through the railings of a staircase, or used as a table centrepiece. Wherever you choose to display them will be effortlessly transformed by the beauty of their lush foliage and citrus accents.  The garlands add a playful ambiance as they will evoke happy memories of lazy summer afternoons spent sipping home-made lemonade in the shade of a citrus tree.

Artificial greenery garlands adorned with citrus fruits can successfully used in the home environment too, as they prove a gentle reminder to slow down and savour the moment. If you are hosting a barbecue, why not decorate your pergola or garden fence with these garlands? They will transform your outdoor space into a Mediterranean oasis where your friends’’ will be able to relax.

These gorgeous greenery garlands are also proving popular for a range of venues and events ranging from summer weddings to corporate events. They add colour and interest that will help create memorable memorable moments. Imagine how magical and romantic a wedding reception will feel when it is bathed in the soft glow of twinkling lights and tables adorned with garlands decorated with lush citrus fruit.

Part of their allure of investing in an artificial greenery garland lies in the low level of maintenance they require. Unlike fresh flowers, they are long-lasting with no need for watering or pruning or any chance of their beautiful leaves wilting and dying or even fading – which makes them ideal when staff do not have time to care for them. Artificial greenery garlands are also the ideal choice for spaces where natural light is limited and natural plants may struggle to survive.  Artificial greenery garlands adorned with beautiful citrus fruits offer endless creative possibilities.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, easy of use and minimal maintenance requirements, artificial greenery garlands are also environmentally friendly. By opting for life-like faux foliage and citrus fruits, you can enjoy all the beauty of nature in the knowledge that they have been sustainably produced and have not negatively impacted deforestation or habitat destruction. Furthermore, because the garlands are durable, this ensures that they can be reused and enjoyed for years to come – thus reducing the waste and ongoing expense of using fresh flowers.

The fun and popularity of artificial greenery garlands with artificial lemons or oranges is for many reasons, but top of the list is their ability to evoke the enchanting allure of the Mediterranean and to infuse all types of spaces with warm sunshine – even on rainy days!