Create a bold focal point with lush foliage

artificial greenery

Create a bold focal point with lush foliage

The allure of beautiful greenery effortlessly enhances any environment – either inside or out. One of the easiest ways to effect this transformation is with BloomsArt ready- assembled mixed greenery garlands. Our stunning artificial garlands are beautifully crafted in pour workshop and are recognised as being amongst the finest available worldwide. They are a top seller and their popularity stems from their unparalleled versatility.

The greenery garlands are easy to use and can be displayed both vertically and horizontally, as well being used for draping, clustering, or cascading to evoke intrigue, ambiance and a sense of aesthetic splendour.

Using our experience, we have carefully selected 15 different types of foliage for use in each mixed greenery garland. The leaves are in different shapes, sizes and tones of green and this gives each garland wonderful depth and colour. The artificial foliage varieties used include eucalyptus, fern, and lemon leaves.

Each greenery garland is ready-assembled and measures 1.2 metres in length. Each leaf is carefully created using a special poly-silk fabric with real touch technology. The leaves are highly detailed to include veining and life-like colour variations. 

The result is a stunning greenery garland with timeless elegance that is durable, windproof and rainproof – making it ideal for outdoor use too. BloomsArt mixed greenery garlands have so many uses and are perfect for retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. The garlands can be used to add the finishing touch to all types of commercial and other events.

Get creative with a greenery garland or two…. Outdoors…

● Revitalise your shop front with the beauty of nature and capture your customers’ attention by draping greenery garlands across the width of the shop, just above the display window.

● Extend a warm welcome to customers at your shop or guests at your restaurant or hotel by framing the door with the verdant elegance of greenery garlands.

● Intrigue passers-by with an enticing window display by framing your window in opulent greenery that complements the array of luxury goods on display.

● Transform a dull low wall into an enchanting focal point by crowning it with a beautiful greenery garland. The garland will guide the eye along the wall towards the entrance in a captivating way.

● Define the ambiance of an atrium by introducing voluminous life-like greenery garlands that will seamlessly bridge outdoor and indoor spaces.

And indoors…

● Introduce a breath of the outdoors inside by elegantly wrapping a sumptuous greenery garland around a column or pillar.

● Give a luxurious ambiance to hair and beauty salons by strategically placing opulent greenery garlands around wall mirrors to create a luxurious aesthetic.

● Enhance the beauty of interiors with the graceful draping of greenery garlands along mantelpieces, pianos, and shelf units, adding a touch of natural elegance.

● Effortlessly create a feature wall by fixing a greenery garland vertically onto a dull wall as it will have the same allure as real plants.

● Elevate the welcome felt by guests in your restaurant or hotel reception by introducing greenery garlands to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

● Infuse you bar with rustic charm and a soothing atmosphere by adding some greenery garlands. Paired with natural materials such as cane, wicker, and wood, the garlands will
exude a harmonious and relaxing vibe.

Greenery garlands are so easy to install

Once you have ordered your BloomsArt mixed greenery garland(s) online at, your order will be speedily processed. Your garland (s) will be carefully packed in a protective box which you will receive in a few days (a little longer if you are overseas). The garlands are supplied with full installation instructions and an informative video.

If you would like help in using your greenery garland, simply send us photographs of the indoor or outdoor space that you would like to transform plus its measurements and we will be in contact with our thoughts and ideas as well as practical information on how to speedily transform your space with our gorgeous mixed greenery garlands.