Creating the perfect arrangements for clients

We help elevate Your Business Space with Stunning Artificial Flowers

In the bustling heart of London, where every detail matters, floral designers at BloomsArt can be found hard at work. They spend many hours creating the most stunning floral displays using top quality artificial flowers. Their attention to detail is amazing as they ensure that every gorgeous petal and leaf is perfectly placed so that it contributes to the desired effect that the flowers will have in the place where they will be displayed. These beautiful floral displays can be effortlessly used to develop the character and ambiance of a space.

BloomsArt offers its clients a bespoke service that is tailored to their individually unique needs. In discussion with clients they describe the type of business that they run and the vision that they have for their space and what type of ambiance they would like the flowers to help create.  Once the design team understands what is needed, the designers set to work on creating a masterpiece of vibrant blooms for displaying either inside or out.

How does the BloomsArt service work?

The procedure is straight forward and simple – yet sophisticated. Clients send BloomsArt some photographs of the space they would like to transform with faux flowers and greenery, plus their colour preferences and ideas. The team of skilled designers then starts work on carefully curating visuals and mood boards to capture the essence of the client’s vision. 

Capturing the identity of the business

The designers understand that every business must have its own identity and they take this meticulously into account along with the desired mood to be created, before they suggest any designs or flower types to be used.

This first step is extremely important. For example, a beauty salon will want to exude an atmosphere of femininity and elegance with understated luxury. The designers will suggest delicate flower blossoms such as cherry blossom, roses, peonies and white bougainvillea. These soft hues complement each other perfectly and together will infuse the space with tranquillity and sophistication – inviting clients to relax and enjoy being pampered.

In complete contrast, warmth and authenticity are top requirements for an Italian restaurant and to capture the colours of the country, the designers might well opt for vibrant shades of lemon or magenta bougainvillea with plenty of lush greenery. These colourful accents will evoke the rustic charm of the countryside in Tuscany. The use of lemon will bring a burst of freshness to the dining experience and will help tantalise the senses and develop clients’ appetites.

Outside as well as indoors

The design team at BloomsArt can also transform bland outdoor spaces as the artificial flowers and greenery they work with are durable and 100% wind and rainproof. They can create a colourful oasis of serenity – even in the heart of London or other cities! Verdant greenery with bursts of colourful blooms will not only attract attention, they will create a welcoming environment for patrons to relax and savour the moment.

The attention to detail shown by the design team is impressive as they really understand how to create visual harmony using different colours and textures. They study the photographs of the space carefully before starting work and try to match the hues of the flowers with the furniture and tiles or other flooring. This will create a cohesive floral creation that is visually stunning in the designated space. The floral display will speak volumes to customers about the company’s brand and quality of its products or services.

Clients are always delighted to receive the visuals from the design team because they are not trying to imagine what the design will look like. Clients can immerse themselves in the painstakingly crafted mood boards and life-like simulations. There is nothing left to their imagine because in their hands they will be holding their vision come true and will be able to see for themselves exactly how the design will look in their chosen space.

Why settle for the ordinary when your business can incorporate extraordinary style and colour? BloomsArt can quickly transform your space into a stunning masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

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