Designer Greens: Treat yourself  to High-Quality Faux Plants for Your Home

Designer Greens: Treat yourself  to High-Quality Faux Plants for Your Home

The trend for incorporating lush greenery into indoor spaces has been growing steadily over the past few years. Plants are known to reduce stress and boost mood and to be beneficial for mental health and well-being. Lush indoor plants bring vibrancy and a touch of nature into homes and this creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Unfortunately, many people find they have no time nor ‘green fingers’ to successfully nurture and sustain indoor plants. The beautiful specimens they regularly buy, simply die and end up on the compost heap – luckily there is a great solution to this common dilemma….


Whilst the fashion for having beautiful indoor plants continues, the demand for artificial greenery is soaring as people discover that modern faux plants are nothing like the fake and unrealistic plastic plants and flowers of yesteryear. Today’s artificial plants are  beautifully created using the latest technology that ensures that they not only look life-like, but those made with real-touch technology, feel realistic too. Market leaders BloomsArt have just extended their range to include gorgeous faux houseplants which has delighted their customers the world over….                                                                                                                                                         

BloomsArt for superb faux houseplants

London-based BloomsArt is an established market leader and is well known for the superb quality of its colourful floral and lush greenery garlands that have long been popular for use in all types of businesses and for family and corporate events. Company owner Olesya Panova has been regularly asked by customers for pots of beautiful looking artificial green plants that can instantly elevate all types of domestic and commercial spaces without the need for careful maintenance.


As the demand for artificial houseplants has increased, a number of high street names are now stocking a variety of faux greenery which are fun, well-priced and popular, but at the end of the day, they do look very artificial. The new range of artificial house plants available from BloomsArt are completely different as they are carefully made by hand with great attention to detail. The leaves on each plant look incredibly realistic both in the careful use of toning colours and details such as the edge of the leaves and their veining.

Unlike many other suppliers, the BloomsArt pots of faux greenery are not in planters as customers would much prefer that they choose their own in the style and colours that will complement where the plants will be displayed. There are other benefits too as there is no cost for an unwanted planter and the price to ship internationally is minimised. These lower costs are pased on to BloomsArt customers.

Each set of the new house plants comprises of eight gorgeous individual artificial plants that are suitable for 50 cm pots or, customers can select a collection of 16 individual faux houseplants that can be displayed together in a one metre display pot. The collection of different houseplants are in different shapes and tones of green – and several with variegated leaves – so that when they are displayed together they harmonise perfectly to create a stunning display of natural looking greenery. This makes the plants a great choice for window boxes and plant troughs – especially as the plants are very durable and do not get sun-faded.

How easy are faux houseplants to use?

‘Very’ is the answer! Each of the artificial plants is beautifully made and ready to install. Each plant comes in its own small pot which can be placed in the display planter of your choice. The houseplant can be popped into the planter with some soil or tiny stones as these both look realistic, or special dry foam can also be used. Within minutes, the lush greenery plant will be ready to display.

Why are artificial houseplants the best choice?

Life is busy these days and having the spare time to water live house plants, nurture them with nutrients and to remove dead leaves and prune them, all takes valuable time. Choosing artificial houseplants brings so many benefits-

● An artificial houseplant always looks perfect and does not suffer from wilting or leaf drop.
● If your chosen position is not ideal for a houseplant because there is not enough light or there is a draught, this will not negatively impact an artificial plant.
● As many people are sensitive to plants, artificial plants are a great choice as they do not cause an allergic reaction.
● There is no need for regular maintenance, just an occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed.
● Choosing artificial flowers is the sustainable solution as most are carefully created using eco-friendly materials and there is no wastage as artificial houseplants don’t die.

Can the faux houseplants be customised?

The selection of faux houseplants will bring all of the beauty of nature indoors for you to enjoy. If you have a chosen colour scheme, it is possible for the houseplants to be complemented by the addition of some artificial flowers in pretty shades of your chosen colour. Adding flowers to the display is trouble-free too as they will always look as fresh and perfect as they do on the day you take delivery of them.


Faux house plants make a very special and highly original present for family and friends and if you are gifting them for a wedding, anniversary or other special milestone, it is possible to have some suitable decorations added for the occasion.


Why not treat yourself to one of the gorgeous new collections of artificial houseplants from BloomsArt? They will definitely become a talking point for all the right reasons….