Elevate your restaurant decor with artificial floral garlands

Enhance your restaurant with floral elegance

The restaurant industry is a competitive one and ambiance plays a key role in attracting and retaining customers. Delicious food is undoubtedly the top priority, but a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere is also very important as it can enhance the overall dining experience.

A quick and very effective way to develop a pleasing ambiance in your restaurant is by adding some beautiful artificial floral or foliage garlands. Get inspired by logging onto the BloomsArt website (https://bloomsart.co.uk/)  and browsing through the portfolio to see how effectively the garlands can transform a space either inside or out. The garlands are ready assembled and are quick and versatile to use, plus they will require the minimum of maintenance. The garlands will add a freshness, elegance and charm to any dining space.

Let’s explore how artificial floral garlands can be used to enhance the ambiance of your restaurant:

  •  Decorate the entrance

The entrance to your restaurant is very important as it sets the tone for your guests. Adorn the doorway or the signage with artificial garlands to welcome guests with a burst of colour and natural beauty. Choose floral garlands that complement your restaurant’s aesthetics and branding to create a cohesive look.

  • Create beautiful centrepieces

Artificial floral garlands are the ideal way to enhance the visual appeal of the tables. Garlands with their luxurious foliage and gorgeous flowers make a stunning table runner or a floral wreath with candles will create a romantic ambiance. There are different floral and mixed greenery garlands in the BloomsArt collection to suit the season or the theme of your restaurant.

  • Spruce up the bar area

Decorative floral garlands are the perfect way to make the bar area look enticing. The garlands can be fixed on the ceiling to define the bar area or draped along the bar counter. The garlands can be wrapped around bottles on display to add a pop of colour or wound around a pillar to add interest. To create a welcoming and warm ambiance, small twinkling LED lights can be added to the garlands.

  •  Transform the wall décor

Any bare walls can be speedily transformed into eye-catching focal points by hanging a colourful floral garland vertically on the wall. The lower end of the garland can be popped in to an attractive planter to keep your guests guessing! If you have a large bare wall, an artificial living wall of foliage will introduce the perfect ‘wow’ factor. A lush floral backdrop is perfect for behind seating areas or a single floral garland will soon cheer up a dull corner. It is fun to experiment with different colours to find the one that enhances the overall aesthetic of your restaurant’s interior best.

  • Add glamour to the ladies’ cloakroom

Inject the magic of Hollywood into your ladies’ cloakroom by fixing a lush floral garland with LED lights around the mirror. This will certainly make your diners feel special.

  • Outdoor dining spaces

If your restaurant has an outdoor dining area, this can be given a speedy makeover too. BloomsArt floral garlands are durable and 100% wind and waterproof and this adds to their versatility. The addition of some garlands on pergolas, railings and fencing will enhance your guests’ al fresco dining experience as they will create an inviting outdoor ambiance.

  • Special events and celebrations

Whether you are hosting a wedding or other family celebration in your restaurant or a corporate event, you will find that the addition of faux floral garlands will add a touch of sophistication to the event. Floral garlands can be successfully used to add luxury to a buffet table or to decorate a photo backdrop. There is definitely a floral garland that will complement the event perfectly to ensure everyone celebrates in style.

One of the key benefits for choosing artificial floral garlands is that they low maintenance and long-lasting. Unlike fresh flowers, they require the minimum of upkeep and will retain their beauty for a long time. This will save you time and effort, but will  also ensure that that your restaurant is always looking its best to welcome your guests.….