Green is the Trending Colour

Green is the Trending Colour for your Restaurant

Using artificial plants in restaurants is considered a clever design choice as it brings so many benefits – both practical and aesthetic. You can enhance the ambiance of your restaurant and transform bland areas into focal points quickly and effectively – without denting your budget. Beautiful greenery will definitely add character and atmosphere to your restaurant which is why green really is the trending colour! Here we give you the reasons why you need to add some artificial plants and we give you tips on how to effectively incorporate them into your restaurant’s décor. 

The reasons why artificial plants are ideal:

● They have year-round appeal

Artificial flowers and greenery keep their good looks and are durable so they stay in tip-top condition. Unlike real plants, artificial flowers and foliage do not need watering, pruning or the correct amount of sunlight to look vibrant. Artificial flowers look perfect all year through regardless of the season and fluctuations in temperature and always look fresh and inviting. Artificial plants create a welcoming environment for your guests – whatever the season.


● Artificial flowers and plants are versatile


You can choose from a wide selection of artificial plants in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. There will definitely be options to suit your restaurant from colourful flower arrangements, garlands of mixed greenery for the ceilings and dull walls, life-like trees and ‘living walls’ of lush greenery. Choosing the right artificial flowers/ greenery can suit all types of restaurant themes from sleek and modern to cosy and rustic.

● They are low-maintenance


Artificial flowers and greenery are ideal for your restaurant as your staff will not have time to care for live plants. Your guests will be able to enjoy gorgeous flowers and lush foliage all year through and your staff will not have the hassle of regular upkeep. If you choose artificial plants they just require a careful regular wipe to remove any dust.

● Artificial plants are durable


Having artificial plants in your restaurant could not be easier because they are so durable and always look perfect. There is no chance of the flowers wilting and dying or the foliage fading and turning brown. If you buy quality artificial plants, not only will they look incredibly life-like, they will prove resilient too. It will be hard for them to get damaged as they are designed to withstand wear and tear.

● You can have an allergy-free restaurant


Some diners will be concerned about allergies from the pollen of live plants. By using artificial flowers and greenery you can create a relaxing and welcoming environment – for everyone. Artificial plants bring the beauty of nature indoors -but with no risk of triggering allergic reactions, making them totally safe to use throughout your restaurant.

● Cost-effective styling


Although the initial investment may be higher than buying some live plants, you will ultimately save money in the long run. They will be durable and will not wilt and die on a regular basis and they will save valuable time on maintenance – plus the cost of plant fertiliser etc. Additionally, artificial plants are resistant to pests so will not need pest control products or to be replaced. 

The presence of beautiful flowers and greenery has been proven to have a positive effect on mood and the sense of well-being. By incorporating them in your restaurant you will create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

● How can I use artificial plants?


Artificial plants can be used in a number of creative ways. Vibrant floral garlands or ones of lush mixed greenery pinned around the entrance are the perfect way to welcome your guests. Artificial plants can be used to decorate tables and windowsills. Floral garlands can be hung vertically to liven up bare walls and can be wrapped around the mirror in the ladies cloakroom to deliver some Hollywood magic. Mixed greenery garlands attached to the ceiling can help make it feel lower and create a more intimate atmosphere and ‘living walls’ can be used as the perfect room dividers.


Effectively incorporating artificial flowers and greenery into your restaurant décor does involve some careful consideration of the overall design that you would like to achieve. Here are some tips for maximising their impact in your restaurant.

● Choose high quality artificial plants


It really is important to invest in quality plants that are as lifelike as possible. The market leaders are ones that are made from a special poly-silk fabric using real touch technology. These are very durable and are 100% wind and waterproof if you are planning to use them for your entrance. Check that the colours used are realistic and that the flowers and leaves are highly detailed as this will help them to look so realistic your guests will think they can smell their perfume! 

● Consider scale and proportion


It is important to choose plants that are the right size for your restaurant. The addition of beautiful flowers and greenery will only be beneficial if they are appropriate. A display that is too small will not impact the space and develop the required ambiance and artificial plants and greenery that are really large could overcrowd the area and make it feel cluttered. Plants and greenery must be placed in strategic places to create visual interest or a focal point. 

● Mix and match


Experiment with different types of artificial plants to add variety and depth. Choose a mixture of artificial trees in different heights or add groups of flowering plants in different tones to add a pop of colour. If you are opting for greenery the BloomsArt mixed greenery garland features an array of 15 different types of foliage that adds depth and interest wherever it is displayed. 


Add some extra natural elements to create the trending organic design. Pair your artificial flowers and greenery with natural materials such as wood, stone, sea shells and cork to create a harmonious design. Use planters and other containers made from natural materials too. In doing this you will create a balanced and cohesive look that reflects the beauty of nature.

● Personalise your artificial plants


If you want to personalise floral garlands or ‘living walls’, this can be easily done by adding your restaurant’s logo in a few places or feathers and flowers in the colour scheme of your restaurant. Small appropriate decorations can be fixed to artificial plants using a heat gun or florists’ wire and these decorations can reflect the restaurant’s name like different sized horseshoes for ‘The Blacksmith’ or seasonal decorations that are regularly changed. This idea will be particularly appreciated by your regular diners.

● Where to begin?


Having been convinced that artificial flowers and greenery will be ideal for your restaurant you may feel daunted about where to find inspiration for design ideas. Luckily, the staff at BloomsArt are on hand to help and advise you. Simply take a few photos of the space you would like to decorate along with all the dimensions and you will get a reply full of ideas!