How to make fake plants and flowers look lifelike

How to make fake plants and flowers look lifelike

For many people, the term ‘artificial flowers and plants’ evokes memories of unrealistic looking candy-coloured blooms and glossy plastic greenery. How things have changed! In recent years, exciting new methods for creating artificial plants and flowers have been developed, using the latest technology to create petals and leaves that look and feel incredibly realistic. Knowing that they require minimal maintenance and will always look good, means that an increasing number of people are now choosing artificial over real plants, flowers and even trees. There are some golden rules to follow that can help you achieve a really realistic appearance with your fake plants and flowers…

Always choose top quality artificial plants, flowers and trees:

Spend time looking for really high quality products. For example, BloomsArt  has become a market leader because its artificial flowers and greenery are made using a unique poly-silk fabric employing real touch technology. The result is that the blooms and leaves are realistic to touch and their colours are almost identical to natural ones. Each piece is carefully created with great attention to detail which includes veining on leaves and different shading on petals. The result is so good that it is hard to tell that the flowers and leaves are not real.

Select realistic varieties:

If you are opting for artificial flowers, plants and trees, choose varieties that that closely mimic real species in shape, size, and colour. For example, greenery of varying shades of green and natural imperfections looks far more lifelike. Gently bend and shape the leaves and branches to create a more natural appearance. When choosing your artificial  flowers, plants or trees, avoid ones that look to uniform in colour or have foliage that is too dense.

Mix real and fake:

If you are making a floral arrangement with artificial flowers and foliage, incorporate some natural elements in your display too. By adding real leaves, flowers, twigs and even moss, you will give your arrangement authenticity and depth. 

If you are adding artificial plants or trees either inside or out, again it is a good idea to display them amongst real plants or flowers. Group live and faux plants in attractive groups as this will make it harder to detect any artificial ones. Make sure that you display them in a way that mimics real plants and trees in nature as this will make them appear more lifelike.

Consider the lighting in your chosen spot, so that it again mimics the plant’s natural habitat as will make the plant look more realistic as it will be casting shadows.

Choose natural looking pots and containers:

Most artificial plants are sold in plastic containers that do not look good and can be a real giveaway.


If you are investing in a quality artificial plant or beautiful flowers, display them in natural looking containers made from wood or terracotta or against a background of natural wood, cork or fabric in earthy tones. Hide the bottom of the faux plant carefully in the container. A clever trick to make it look really lifelike is to fill the container with soil and keep it slightly moist. If you decide to do this, it will be necessary to change the soil regularly.

Surround them with stylish accessories:

Decorative accents grouped around a faux plant in a stylish container can also make it harder to spot a faux plant. Groups of carefully placed accessories such as candles, sculptures and decorative boxes placed around the plant on a stylish table with an appropriate wall hanging behind, will create an attractive focus – that will not highlight the fact that the plant is in fact artificial.

Keep them well-maintained:

Artificial plants, flowers and trees do gather dust so will need to be dusted or sprayed lightly with water to keep them looking good. Make a regular check to ensure that they are not showing any signs of wear or tear and repair or replace any damaged parts to maintain their realistic appearance.

All real plants look moist so it is definitely a good idea to try and mimic this with faux plants too. Lightly misting them regularly with water is ideal or one of the artificial plant cleaners available on the market will also ensure that the foliage has a gloss. An emergency treatment to get artificial plants looking more lifelike, is to lightly mist them with hairspray too.

If you are considering investing in some beautiful artificial flowers, plants or trees, it is well worth giving consideration to how you will display them to make them look as realistic as possible. It is well worth making the effort for several reasons. Beautiful lifelike artificial plants and greenery enhance the aesthetics of many types of spaces by bringing nature indoors. Good quality faux plants that have been carefully displayed will provide all the psychological benefits of real plants including reducing stress and enhancing mood. The latest generation of faux plants really do mimic real plants and trees convincingly and with the clever ‘ticks of the trade’ that we have revealed, those who admire your faux flowers, plants and trees will never spot the difference…