Organic Design

Embracing Organic Design: Elevate Your Interior with Natural Elements

In an era where sustainability and self-consciousness are at the forefront of all new design trends, incorporating natural and organic elements into interior spaces has become more than just a preference – it has become a statement of lifestyle.

Embracing the trend for organic design is a great way to bring the positive feelings of the natural beauty from outdoors right inside! This can be successfully achieved using natural design pieces such as wood, plants and a palette of muted colours and tactile fabrics. The result will be a serene and sustainable interior that is modern in style, relaxing and very inviting.

The introduction of organic design into your room is surprisingly easy to achieve. Here are some clever ways to being green living into your home-

Introduce a Neutral Palette:

The cornerstone of organic design is a colour palette of natural shades. The use of muted shades brings an instant feelings of harmony and tranquillity to any space. This choice of colours instantly evokes a feeling of nature and also provides the perfect blank canvas for pops of colour that can be introduced to reflect the passing seasons. 

Bring Nature Indoors:

The addition of botanical elements in your room helps to develop the theme. Lush foliage and beautiful floral booms bring vitality and freshness to a room. If  you are hesitant about maintaining live plants, beautiful top quality artificial plants are the perfect alternative and will provide a vibrant atmosphere all year round – even if plant growing conditions such as temperature or light levels are far from ideal! 

Incorporate natural materials in your design :

Wood, stone, bamboo, leather, rattan and woven textures are all the perfect choice as they bring a warm and relaxing feel to interiors. Choosing a variety of textures enhances the sensory experience that resonates with the wonderful natural world outdoors. Texture can be introduced using natural wood floors, cushions of different colours and décor accents such as wooden planters, clocks and sculptures. Gorgeous textured throws stretched on sofa backs and armchairs with a variety of cushions in front, are a clever way to enhance the impact of textured soft furnishings and  create a cohesive feel.

Maximise natural light:

Natural light is important as it lifts the mood and boosts energy levels as well as effectively illuminating a space free of charge! Changing and enlarging windows is expensive, but ensuring that the paintwork is brilliant white and the windows are clean is not. Keep window dressing minimal with blinds or curtains in light natural shades. Reflective surfaces will amplify the amount of daylight too. By maximising the amount of natural light in your room you will be creating and light and inviting ambiance.

Choose furniture designs carefully:

If you are investing in some new furniture, choose modern pieces in clean and minimalistic styles. Choose pieces with curves if you can as these will help soften all the straight lines in the room. Wooden features such as arms or legs will enhance the organic theme. Beautiful wooden tables, bookshelves and chests featuring distinctive wood graining are perfect.

Plan your layout:

Open plan living is ideal for organic design as it optimises both space and natural light. The idea is that there should be an uninterrupted flow from the lounge into the dining room and kitchen. To ensure that your home has this, check where your furniture is placed and rearrange it to create more room. Whether you have an open plan room or several smaller ones, it is important that they feel as spacious and uncluttered as possible. Check whether all your pieces of furniture are essential as ‘liitle is more’. Have a major de-clutter to ensure work tops and coffee tables etc. are clean and clear as this will enhance the feeling of space.

Personalise your space:

Introducing organic design principles is fun, but it is important that your home reflects your individuality and lifestyle. Rather than sticking strictly to the trend, it is best to incorporate plenty of natural elements into your interior style. The beauty of this is that organic design harmonises with-  and complements- many different styles.

Whilst the organic design trend can be used as a holistic approach to interior styling, it is also possible to pick certain elements of it that will complement your interior space and your personality. Incorporating some natural elements, introducing some lush plants and greenery plus maximising on natural light will create an environment that is relaxing, pleasing and timeless.