Pot Perfection- find the ideal container for your artificial greenery!

Pot Perfection- find the ideal container for your artificial greenery!

Artificial house plants are proving popular in the world of interior design as they offer all the allure and benefits of lush real greenery – without all the hassle. BloomsArt’s gorgeous new array of house plants can effortlessly transform any space, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home or work space. BloomsArt artificial house plants are exquisite as they are crafted using the finest materials and latest technology and are supplied without pots for ease of postage and unnecessary costs.


Choosing the perfect pot for your beautiful new faux indoor plants is easy but does need some thought as the pot(s) you choose will either add to or detract from their overall aesthetic appeal in your chosen space. There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a decorative pot for your house plant:   

Choose the correct-sized pot

The size of your chosen pot is important for achieving good visual balance. The pot should complement the size of the plant, but without overpowering it or appearing to be disproportionately small. The ‘rule of thumb’ given by interior designers is that the diameter of the pot should be 2.5- 5.00 cm ( 1- 2 inches) larger than the maximum width of the plant’s foliage. Applying this rule will ensure that the plant’s container looks well-proportioned. 


If you are planning to group a number of artificial plants in a single large planter or trough, the guide is that a pot measuring one metre in diameter is ideal for eight individual plants. It will be important to experiment with the grouping so that each plant’s natural-looking foliage will complement those nearest to it. 

Go for colour coordination

The colour you choose for the plant pot can dramatically impact the overall look of your plant in its chosen space. It is best to opt for a colour that harmonises with the décor and also provides an attractive contrast to the foliage of your new artificial plant. Popular choices are the classic neutral colours of black, white, cream, beige and grey as these all effortlessly blend with any colour scheme. If you feel like choosing a trending alternative there are exciting new metallic finishes to choose from and these will definitely add visual interest to any room.

Complement the style

It is important to consider the setting for your new artificial plant. If it will be placed in a modern, minimalist space, the best choice of pot will be one that has clean lines in a geometric shape. If the décor is more rustic, natural colours such a terracotta or stone work well and planters made in natural material such as bark, wood or woven fabrics will add to the organic ambiance.

Material matters

Decorative plant pots are available in a wide variety of different materials. There are ceramic pots that exude elegance and sophistication that are a good choice for traditional and classically styled interiors. These pots are available in different finishes too- glossy or matt- to perfectly complement your style.

If you are wanting a more eclectic styled pot, there are attractive terrazzo pots with abstract patterns created by colourful chips and naturally-coloured concrete pots that exude a strong industrial vibe. There are plenty of other pots to choose from that are cheap, light and durable options made from fibreglass or resin. Trending pot cover designs include many made in woven natural materials or decorated with natural materials including stones, shells and moss. Natural materials like clay and terracotta are a popular choice as they bring a warm tone and organic feel to any setting.

What are the trending pot styles?

Recently, Scandinavian-styled pots have become extremely popular because of their minimalist designs and understated elegance. Indoor plant pot covers in matt black are are curently trending as they add modern sophistication. Textured pots with stucco, ribs and swirls and ones with modern geometric patterns, all add tactile appeal to spaces as well as visual interest.

How to plant your faux house plants

Once you have chosen the decorative plant pots for your house plants, installing them will take just moments! The gorgeous houseplants from BloomsArt are delivered right to your door and are ready to use. The houseplant(s) can be quickly popped into the new planter with some soil or some tiny stones as these will both look very realistic. Alternatively, special dry foam can be used. Onced the lush greenery plant has beemn potted, it is ready to display. The plant pot will stay looking absolutely picture perfect with just an occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth.

So many people are now discovering the many advantages of investing in beautiful quality faux houseplants for their home or commercial space. Whilst the faux houseplants are easy to install, are durable and require minimal maintenance, the pot you choose to display them will make all the difference. By paying attention to the factors mentioned above, the plants can be used creatively to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere for your home or work space….