The Blossoming Popularity of Artificial Bougainvillea

The Blossoming Popularity of Artificial Bougainvillea

In recent years, artificial plants and flowers have become increasingly popular for both interior and exterior design. Among the colourful array of artificial  flowers on the market, artificial bougainvillea has emerged as a particularly popular choice – captivating both designers and homeowners, with its vibrant colours, versatility and durability. From enhancing indoor spaces with Mediterranean charm, turning shop fronts into real show-stoppers or embellishing outdoor areas, the allure of artificial bougainvillea lies in its ability to infuse natural beauty without any of the maintenance demands made by real plants….

Why is artificial bougainvillea proving such a sensation and how can it be used?

The appeal of artificial bougainvillea

  • Everlasting Beauty

Artificial bougainvillea is really popular because it has enduring beauty. Successfully growing one of the 300 varieties of real bougainvillea can be difficult as they need specific types of soil and climate as well as constant care. In contrast, artificial bougainvillea retains its lush foliage and vibrant bracts indefinitely, ensuring that it is always a captivating focal point, yet is very low-maintenance.

  • All year round colour

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that grows in regions such as Brazil and the Mediterranean. Trying to cultivate real bougainvillea in other areas can prove more than challenging- and disappointing- as the plant can fail to thrive and start to lose leaves and wither. Artificial bougainvillea looks spectacular wherever it is displayed, regardless of the season or climate and this is a huge plus for bougainvillea enthusiasts the world over.

  • So versatile to use!

Artificial bougainvillea can be used in so many different ways- both inside and out. Colourful garlands of beautifully crafted bougainvillea, looks amazingly life-like and can be successfully installed in your chosen location in just moments.

Inside the colourful garlands can be hung vertically on walls, along ceiling beams and draped along tables to enhance a restaurant’s Mediterranean ambiance. In beauty and hair salons the colourful bracts of bougainvillea evoke a luxe and quality feeling plus a relaxing ambiance. In fashion stores garlands of bougainvillea can be creatively used to enhance window displays and decorate bland corners and attached around display mirrors to make customers feel a million dollars. Hotel and office receptions both benefit from the same burst of colour.

Outside, the vibrant shades of bougainvillea add eye-catching appeal around shop windows and along name boards. Recently, the Michaeljohn hair salons have been given a vibrant new look with the addition of magenta bougainvillea garlands on the front of each- and this contrasts perfectly with the gleaming white paintwork. Garden spaces, archways and pergolas all come to life when adorned by gorgeous bougainvillea.

  • The great allergy-friendly alternative

For individuals prone to allergies triggered by pollen, artificial bougainvillea presents the perfect solution. Allergy sufferers can relish the colourful beauty of nature without the associated discomforts. Artificial bougainvillea is an ideal choice for homes, offices and public spaces, as well as corporate events and family celebrations.

  • Cost-effective investment

The initial investment in quality artificial bougainvillea may be more than purchasing real plants, but in the long-term, it is definitely the most cost-effective. The artificial bougainvillea will prove durable and long-lasting, both indoors and out and will also require the minimal of upkeep with no need for watering, pruning or sweeping up the fallen bracts. All artificial bougainvillea requires is an occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth.

Creative ways to use artificial bougainvillea

  • Indoor Décor:

Artificial bougainvillea makes an enchanting focal point in indoor spaces, breathing life into both residential and commercial interiors. Walls can be decorated with garlands of cascading bougainvillea to create a whimsical ‘green wall’ for seating areas and for Instagram fans. Floral garlands of bougainvillea can also be pinned where walls and ceilings meet, or scrunched into large arrangements to bring life to dull and neglected corners. The garlands can also be draped along mantelpieces and library shelves and interwoven in staircase railings.

  • Perfect event décor:

From weddings to all types of corporate events and product launches, artificial bougainvillea offers event planners a quick and versatile way to enhance the ambiance and create memorable settings. Whether adorning archways, accentuating table centrepieces, or embellishing backdrops for photographs, bougainvillea’s vibrancy adds sophistication and charm to any occasion.

  • Add colour to outdoor spaces

So many outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, and balconies, can be quickly transformed by the addition of some artificial bougainvillea. Hanging baskets, trellises, and window boxes can all be speedily adorned with colourful artificial bougainvillea to inject vitality into your outdoor environment which will make it look inviting for moments of relaxation.

Adding artificial bougainvillea to outdoor spaces is ideal not only for homes but also for outdoor dining areas in hotels and restaurants and pub gardens too.

  • So easy to order….

BloomsArt is situated in the centre of London and is a market leader for artificial flowers. Whether you are in a different part of the UK or abroad, Bloomsart can provide you with the most gorgeous bougainvillea garlands. The garlands are painstakingly created using a special poly-silk fabric using traditions and real touch technology that has been developed in East Asia. The result is a flower that is both breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly life-like.

The bougainvillea garlands are posted in protective boxes, ready for installation – wherever you are in the world. Staff at BloomsArt are happy to answer any questions you may have about the floral garlands or help you to choose a clever and creative way to enhance your chosen space.

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