The Essential Guide to Using Artificial Plants Outdoors

The Essential Guide to Using Artificial Plants Outdoors

The warm summer months are the perfect time to enjoy time outside. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature and relaxing in the warm breeze gives a boost to everyone’s sense of well-being. Being able to enjoy all this in your own beautiful garden is best of all. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with ‘green fingers’ and the time to cultivate and maintain the perfect garden. Luckily, there are some exciting modern alternatives to traditional garden plants that make a lovely well-kept garden achievable in record time – welcome to the wonderful world of artificial plants….   

Can artificial plants be successfully used outdoors?

The great news is that ‘yes’ artificial plants can be successfully used in the garden – but only those that have been specifically designed for use outdoors. If filling your garden with artificial plants seems the ideal solution, before making any purchases – either in a shop or online – it is best to read the labels and product descriptions really carefully.


Faux plants that have been designed to use outdoors have design features that help make them more resilient to changing weather conditions etc.  Importantly, they are cleverly designed using materials that are UV resistant to ensure that their colours do not fade in the sun and also that their leaves and stems do not crack.

Do indoor and outdoor faux plants differ?

Although very similar to look at, there are some important differences in their production. Both types of greenery are made from top quality materials that are used to craft gorgeous plants that mimic the real thing. Great attention is paid to detail, such as the toning colours on the leaves and the intricate veining. The use of real-touch technology helps to make the artificial plants look incredibly realistic.


The plants for use indoors are durable and retain their good looks with the minimal of upkeep. Artificial plants that have been designed for use outdoors also have these same characteristics, but because they will be subject to dramatic changes in the weather, including bright sunshine, heavy rains and strong winds, the faux plants have to be extra resilient so that they can withstand all of these well. Whilst artificial indoor plants will not last long outside in your garden, outdoor faux plants can be displayed in an indoor space very successfully.

How do you successfully use outdoor artificial plants?

The beauty of choosing artificial plants for your garden is that they can instantly transform its décor and character and make it the perfect place to linger and enjoy al fresco dining.

Here are four important to tips to ensure success…

1. Opt for top-quality faux plants
Spend time looking at the quality of the plants you are considering to buy for your garden. The most realistic artificial plants for gardens are crafted from top quality materials so that they look as realistic as possible and the tones of their leaves are life-like. Ensure that the plants that you like are UV resistant and that they have been designed for outdoor use as this will indicate that they will be durable for use in your garden.

2. Pot and display your plants cleverly

This step is actually exactly the same as if you were using real plants. You can plant your faux plants in stylish outdoor pots and planters to enhance their visual appeal. You can plant them using soil or tiny pebbles to make them look even more authentic and this will help them to blend in to your outdoor décor. Alternatively, you can plant your artificial plants in flowerbeds, borders, rockeries and window boxes. Remember to plant them in places where natural plants would thrive – such as a moderately sunny spot or one that is bright without direct sunlight.

3. Mix and match faux and real plants

To make your artificial plants even harder to differentiate, why not plant them amongst natural greenery? Mix and match the plants to achieve a pleasing arrangement of sizes, shapes and tones of greenery to achieve a well-balanced look Plants with variegated foliage always add extra visual interest.

4. Protect your artificial plants with UV spray

Even if you have bought artificial plants that are specifically for outdoor use, it is a good idea to give them an extra layer of protection by applying a layer of UV protection spray every month to help keep your artificial plants looking as good as the day you added them to your garden.

Trending ideas for artificial outdoor plants

Because artificial plants take minimal upkeep, they are very versatile and can be used to instantly transform your outdoor space. The beautiful plants can be placed in window boxes and terracotta pots attached to garden walls and fences as well as pedestal planters and large Mediterranean-style terracotta or tiled planters.
Here are the latest ways that artificial plants are being used by garden designers –

Artificial green walls

In the era of selfies, many pubs, restaurants and coffee shops have introduced artificial green walls/ vertical gardens with great success. They can also be used in private gardens to speedily transform an ugly wall or create some privacy. With the addition of artificial flowers,  artificial garden walls can have vibrant accents and this is the quickest way to add some colour to your garden. Faux green walls are quick and easy to install as there is no need to wait for the plants to grow and mature and there is no need for regular watering and pruning either.

Artificial hedges

Gardeners have long used hedging to mark the boundaries of gardens, and also to divide the garden into sections such as veggie patches, patio area and lawns. Artificial hedges are the perfect solution  if you would like to do this– without having to wait for the hedge to grow or needing time for its ongoing maintenance. Artificial hedging can be successfully used as dividers, a effective windbreak and to add privacy to your garden and all the hedge will need is a regular gentle spray with a hose to clean away any dust.

Artificial hanging plants

Lush faux greenery can be suspended from pergolas, rattan canopies and in baskets hanging from wall brackets to take advantage of the vertical space in your garden. Pretty hanging plants with delicate foliage that sways in the breeze add a whimsical ambiance and a eye-catching display to all sorts of outside spaces- quickly and effectively.


Today’s new artificial plants are so flexible and easy to use as creatively as you dare. They are supplied ready to be stylishly installed to create the perfect low-maintenance display. Following our essential guide will ensure that you can confidently choosing the correct faux plants for your outdoor space. If you do have any questions or need some more detailed styling ideas, please get in touch with us…. [email protected]