The RHS Chelsea Flower Show – important for professionals and visitors alike.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show – important for professionals and visitors alike.

The Royal Horticultural Society  Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most prestigious and eagerly anticipated events in the world of horticulture, attracting enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious visitors alike. The show’s significance extends far beyond its displays of beautiful flowers and innovative garden designs, because it is also a platform for innovation, education and great inspiration. The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show is important because it contributes to the growth, development and appreciation of the floral industry.

A showcase for professionals….

The Chelsea Flower Show presents professionals within the industry a unique opportunity to showcase their products, expertise, and innovations to a worldwide audience. Participation in such a long-standing and world famous event, not only elevates the profile of  businesses large and small, the stalls also attract attention from potential clients, collaborators, and investors.

The show is perfect for networking and forging valuable new connections within the industry. Stallholders use the Chelsea Flower Show as the perfect way to launch new products, new technology and innovative sustainable ideas. The show is perfect as it is both prestigious and credible and stallholders have found that being linked with the show develops customer confidence and this results in sales and business growth.

BloomsArt makes its grand entrance

For the first time, BloomsArt will be exhibiting at the show. London- based BloomsArt is a market leader in artificial floral displays and garlands that are created using a unique poly-silk fabric with real touch technology. The floral garlands are both versatile and durable and can be used indoors and out, as eye-catching and luxurious decorations for family and corporate events and to elevate the ambiance in restaurants, hotel receptions, offices and shops.

Once again, sustainability is the main theme for this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show and is a prime reason why an increasing number of people are choosing long-lasting artificial floral displays over live flowers and greenery. Visitors to the BloomsArt stall will be able to see for themselves how realistic the gorgeous artificial flowers and greenery are – so much so, that people can often be seen smelling or touching them to make sure!     

The show offers a great opportunity to companies to educate the public as exhibitors can share their knowledge and passion to visitors. This is of key importance to BloomsArt because technology in the world of artificial flowers has moved at such an amazing pace. For those who do not know BloomsArt it is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about the products and to speak and share ideas with the exp[erienced staff.

Fun for visitors too….

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been described as  ‘a feast for the senses and a source of endless inspiration’ for all types of gardeners. It offers visitors the chance to marvel at breathtaking and innovative garden designs, rare and exotic plants and to see all the latest ideas and products for the garden, ranging from nutrients to keep plants in tip-top condition to the most comfortable chairs and loungers for summer siestas!

There are educational exhibits, talks and demonstrations covering a wide range of topics including great gardening tips and how to help care for the planet. Whether visitors are seasoned gardeners or novices, everyone has the chance to broaden their knowledge and their horizons. The show is a global event and attracts many professionals from other countries  showcasing their gardening skills and techniques – which can be fascinating as some of the ideas are so ingenious.

There will be several new features for the 2024 event, as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show continues to push the boundaries of horticultural artistry and sustainability. This year’s event will throw the spotlight on ways to reduce the environmental impact of the event from using recycled materials and compostable packaging to water-saving irrigation systems and renewable energy sources. The 2024 Chelsea Flower Show is committed to leading by example and promoting sustainability within the industry.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show continues to be the most important event in the horticulture calendar serving as the perfect platform for stallholders to demonstrate all the new and exciting innovations in the industry and for visitors to meet and learn from the professionals and to be inspired to make positive changes in their own gardens….

All the important information:

When:  Tuesday 21 May – Saturday 28 May

Where: In the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.


  • Tuesday – Wednesday – RHS Members’ Days 08.00 – 20.00
  • Thursday – Friday 08.00am – 20.00
  • Friday – Chelsea Late event 17.30 – 22.00
  • Saturday –    08.00 – 17.30 (sell off of displays begins at 16.00)
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