Transforming spaces with artificial floral garlands

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Transform your space with gorgeous floral garlands

Any space – inside or out – can be quickly transformed with luxury ready assembled artificial floral garlands. There are just so many creative possibilities and the garlands will add colour, charm and personality to a variety of spaces. BloomsArt offers a stunning collection of different floral garlands and a mixed greenery garland that can all be viewed and ordered online, speedily and conveniently at

The floral garlands are delivered right to your door, carefully packaged in protective boxes. The garlands are ready to use and in each box you will find full installation instructions and an informative video. BloomsArt definitely makes life easy!  Each floral garland is carefully constructed from gorgeous faux flowers and various types of foliage, all created from a special poly-silk fabric with real touch technology. The result is a stunning top quality floral garland that is flexible and easy to install in your chosen location and will bring you years of pleasure. The garlands are durable and are both 100% wind and rainproof and require the minimum of maintenance.

A colourful floral garland can be used to enhance a variety of spaces:

● Personalise your wedding venue

Gorgeous floral garlands are the easy way to make your wedding venue spectacular. The garlands are so versatile to use and make lush table runners, can be hung from ceilings and wrapped around pillars and gazebos to add a romantic ambiance. Floral garlands surrounding the church or venue door will make all your guests feel special and floral garlands lining the aisle emphasise the importance of the day.

● Elevate your event

Whether you are planning a family event such as a baby shower, Christening or milestone wedding anniversary or have a corporate function on the horizon, artificial floral garlands will add a luxurious feeling to the event. You can choose from a variety of colours for the garlands or select mixed greenery garlands and decorate them with your company logo and colours. The floral garlands can be placed along buffet tables, used with large chunky candles to make impressive centrepieces or attached around the top of the walls. If you are holding a meeting or conference, a beautiful floral garland attached around the seating plan will make everyone feel special. All these ideas will enhance the atmosphere of any event.

● Enhance retail displays

Use artificial floral garlands to create eye-catching displays in your shop window or inside the store. Outside, attach garlands around the edge of the shop window to make it look really enticing to passers by or attach garlands around the shop door to make customers feel extra special. Inside, garlands can be wrapped around display shelves, suspended from the ceiling and attached around mirrors for a really luxurious feeling.

● Make outdoor spaces memorable

Whether it is a pub or restaurant garden or your own private garden, the clever addition of some luxe floral garlands will encourage everyone to linger in such an inviting outdoor oasis. The garlands can be attached along balcony rails and draped along stone walls or hung from tree branches. Garlands can also be popped into attractive planters to add vibrancy to a patio.

● Make magical seasonal décor

With the clever addition of some carefully chosen embellishments such as pine cones, artificial snowflakes and candy sticks for winter, or colourful miniature Easter eggs you can create stunning seasonal garlands. The floral garlands are durable and the embellishments can be speedily fixed in place using florist’s wire or hot glue (patch test first for colour fastness). This is certainly the easy way to update and refresh your décor throughout the year.

Transform your home decor

Stunning artificial floral garlands that look incredibly realistic, are the perfect way to spruce up your home. Drape a floral garland along your mantelpiece in your living room, make bedrooms feel luxurious by attaching garlands along the headboards or make a dull corner more vibrant by hanging a garland vertically down a bare wall and popping the lower end in an attractive planter. Staircases can be enhanced by wrapping garlands around the banisters.

To give your home pavement appeal, create easy-care colourful window boxes by filling them with sections of pretty floral garland – that will never need watering!

By incorporating colourful floral garlands into any of these spaces you will instantly transform them into an inviting and visually appealing environment that will reflect your personal style and enhance any occasion.

If you have a space to decorate but find the idea daunting, why not send us an email with some photographs and dimensions and we will send you our ideas for a speedy transformation!

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