Vibrant bougainvillea for Mamma Mia fun!

Vibrant bougainvillea for Mamma Mia fun

Artificial floral garlands of vibrant bougainvillea can add the perfect Mediterranean touch to Mamma Mia themed parties and corporate events. Drawing inspiration from the pretty sun-soaked, setting of the Greek islands featured in both the movies and musical, these colourful garlands help to create a summery and festive atmosphere that will ensure your event will ‘go with a swing’ and prove fun and memorable for all.


The iconic “Mamma Mia!” movies are set on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi. It is an idyllic location with sun-drenched beaches, clear azure waters, white-washed buildings and vibrantly-coloured bougainvillea trees. Together these aspects perfectly capture the essence of Mediterranean paradise. The original Mamma Mia (2008) movie has grossed $700 million to date and there is also a stage show and sequel movie-  Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2017). The movies are upbeat and fun as they include music from the top Swedish pop group ABBA and are proving a popular and successful theme for all types of events. 


Here’s how you can use artificial floral garlands of bougainvillea to enhance your event:

Mamma Mia -themed parties

The artificial garlands of bougainvillea are high quality, durable and very realistic. They can be installed in venues very quickly and easily, making them the ideal decorations

Entrance and Pathways:

Transform the entrance of your party venue into a welcoming and captivating scene attaching artificial bougainvillea garlands around the entrance door frame or an archway. The vibrant magenta hues will make it feel like guests are stepping into a Mediterranean getaway and this will soon get everyone in a party mood and this will help set the tone for a fun-filled time.

Decorative backdrops:

Everyone loves an Instagram moment! A stunning photo backdrop can be effortlessly created using lush bougainvillea garlands. The garlands can be hung vertically to make a living wall or they can be attached to a large wooden frame or trellis panel to mimic the look of bougainvillea growing in a Greek village.

Table centrepieces:

Colourful bougainvillea garlands can be draped along tables or wound into a large circles around candle lanterns to create stunning centrepiece for tables. This not only adds elegance for diners to appreciate over their meal, but the garlands also evoke the relaxed vibes of the Greek islands.

Colourful ceiling decor:

Colourful bougainvillea garlands can be attached at intervals across the ceiling (very easily done if there are wooden beams) to create a whimsical canopy effect reminiscent of an outdoor Greek courtyard. This adds beauty to the space and also helps to create a more cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Accent Pieces:

Enhance the character of certain areas by adding some vibrant bougainvillea. Such places as bars and sitting areas all benefit from the addition of bougainvillea garlands. The sumptuous garlands can also be wrapped around furniture edges, used to frame menu boards, or woven through outdoor railings and fences to bring cohesion to the whole event space. Framing the mirror in the ladies’ cloakroom with magenta bougainvillea will definitely bring an unexpected ‘wow’ factor.

Corporate Events

The key to success for corporate events is definitely trying to make it memorable. It is important that your branding and signage become instantly recognisable to participants so that they will remember your company when they need your products or services. Adding colour and fun by introducing a Mamma Mia theme is definitely a great way to achieve this!

Branding and signage:

Colourful garlands of bougainvillea can be effectively used to frame company logos, welcome signs, and banners. This blend of corporate branding with natural elements creates a visually appealing contrast, which in turn makes the signage more engaging and memorable to everyone.

Stage and podiums:

If there are going to be speeches and presentations, decorate the stage and podium with beautiful artificial bougainvillea garlands to enhance their visual appeal. Draping the garlands around the edges of the stage or along the podium will create a dynamic and attractive focal point – drawing plenty of attention.

Networking areas:

Corporate events are important for successful networking. Create inviting networking spaces by incorporating gorgeous bougainvillea garlands in lounge areas and breakout rooms. Drape the garlands over seating, around coffee tables and along partition walls to create a relaxed environment that will prove conducive to casual conversation.

Themed dining areas:

For corporate lunches and dinners, why not introduce a Mediterranean vibe?  Artificial bougainvillea garlands look magnificent draped along buffet tables – which can mirror the theme with an array of Mediterranean dishes. The garlands can also be used as table runners or attached high in the corners of the room/marquee, where the walls meet the ceiling.

Interactive stations:

If you are planning such features as photo booths or product display areas, why not decorate them with vibrant bougainvillea garlands? These stations will become focal points that attract participants – encouraging their engagement and interaction. The addition of colourful garlands will make these areas more appealing and inviting.

The practical benefits

Artificial bougainvillea garlands are the perfect choice for all types of parties and events because they are so practical and easy to use. Unlike real bougainvillea, they are  available throughout the year, do not drop their colourful bracts and can withstand all types of weather conditions. Additionally, artificial bougainvillea garlands are durable and do not fade so they they remain in pristine condition throughout the event. They are practical and cost-effective too, as they can be re-used in the future. 


The bougainvillea garlands in the BloomsArt collection are amongst the best on the market as they are painstakingly created from quality materials to look amazingly life-like. The garlands effortlessly add a burst of rich colour and a touch of Mediterranean charm to all types of parties and events. The garlands are ready-assembled, are posted in protective packaging and are accompanied by instruction information. The garlands are lightweight and easy to install and this allows great creative freedom in decorating ideas. The artificial bougainvillea garlands can be draped, wrapped, or hung with minimal effort, keeping the time needed for their installation to a minimum. Visually appealing, artificial bougainvillea garlands always infuse exotic beauty and vibrant energy – no wonder they are so popular!