Why are fake flowers blooming?

Why are fake flowers blooming?

In the last few years, artificial flowers have really surged in popularity and in an increasing number of situations are now the preferred choice over real flowers. Certainly, modern artificial flowers are nothing like those very fake looking plastic flowers that first became popular durting the Victoria era. Today’s artificial flowers are incredibly realistic looking and have many other positive attributes that are making them so popular….

Great advancements in technology

One of the biggest reasons that modern artificial flowers have become so popular is that because of new technology, their appearance, texture and colouring is incredibly similar to real flowers. Market leaders, BloomsArt for example, painstakingly create each beautiful flower from a special poly-silk fabric using both established traditions and real touch technology that have both been developed in eastern Asia. The attention to detail is amazing and includes the use of different hues of the same colour on the petals and the addition of veining and shadowing on leaves. The result is that today, artificial flowers are just as appealing as fresh flowers – but with durability and without any of the maintenance required by fresh blooms.  

Durability and longevity

Real flowers can have a very limited lifespan – especially if they cannot be kept in optimum conditions such as in light, but not intense sunlight and well away from draughts. Even if fresh flowers are well cared for, they will wilt and die about one week after they have been cut.


In sharp contrast, artificial flowers can be displayed in less than ideal conditions and then will remain looking pristine throughout – and will not need to be trimmed or watered. This point alone makes fake flowers the ideal choice for weddings, other family occasions and all types of commercial displays where long-lasting aesthetics are vital as the floral arrangements cannot be negatively impacted by the weather.

Almost maintenance-free

Artificial flowers definitely score over fresh flowers because they only need the minimal of maintenance. Fresh flowers require regular watering and misting, as well as the appropriate temperature and lighting to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. This can be a huge commitment and challenge for event organisers or people with a busy lifestyle – as well as those who simply finding keeping flowers and plants alive really tricky!


Artificial flowers, require nothing more than the occasional dust or wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking really gorgeous.

Artificial flowers are cost-effective

Whilst investing in high-quality artificial flowers can come at a higher initial cost than some fresh flowers, they are more cost-effective in the long run. Real flowers that are exotic or out of season can cost a great deal and will certainly need to be regularly replaced as a recurring expense.


Such places as hotels and restaurants that use fresh flowers continually do face substantial costs for fresh flowers, whereas artificial flowers with their long lifespan are definitely the more economical option. The latest trend is to swap artificial floral displays so that they mirror the changing seasons – not just in colour, but with the addition of autumnal motifs such as faux mushrooms and conkers and festive additions such as baubles, mistletoe and pine cones. The beauty with this idea is that when not in use, the artificial floral displays and garlands can be simply stored away until they are next needed.

Artificial flowers are allergy-free

Being in the close vicinity of real flowers can certainly bring discomfort to those people suffering with allergies. Artificial flowers are perfect in such situations as they are hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy them without any allergic reactions. Artificial flowers are certainly a good choice for public spaces, offices and homes where allergic reactions are a potential problem.

The environmental question

Everyone is becoming environmentally aware and seeking to purchase items made with sustainable materials. The environmental impact of artificial flowers versus real flowers is the current topic for debate. On one hand, only the top quality artificial flowers are made from sustainable materials and others are still made from synthetic materials which have a significant carbon footprint from both their manufacturing process and transportation. However, the durability of artificial blooms that can be used and re-used repeatedly-  as they stay in pristine condition – can easily offset their initial cost to the environment because their use is sustainable and this is certainly favourable to the regular purchase of transported fresh flowers which involve the use of natural resources and include carbon emissions.

Artificial flowers offer aesthetic versatility

Artificial flowers are quick and easy to install and are really versatile, plus they can be customised to mirror certain colour schemes for special occasions or commercial branding. Exotic artificial flowers are available all year through and have no seasonal or geographical limitations so they can be used creatively with other natural materials to create a myriad of different designs that are just not possible with fresh flowers.


The increasing popularity of artificial flowers over real flowers can be attributed to their realistic appearance, their durability, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Technology is continuing to improve and change to meet trending consumer demands- which have recently included the desire for artificial flowers with a real -flower fragrance! Artificial flowers definitely offer a practical and appealing solutions for so many situations that their popularity is certainly going to continue to soar…